Roofing Services

Dynamic Roofs – Roof services include:

  • Advice on roof structures for new buildings/developments, both residential and commercial. We can also assist with alterations and additions to buildings.
  • Measuring
  • Estimating.
  • Designing
  • Transport and delivery of trusses
  • The supplying of all required roof covering: Sheeting, concrete roof tiles, slate tiles etc.
  • Erecting of trusses.
  • Inspecting and certification of the completed roof structure


Timber Roof Services

DYNAMIC ROOFS will also cater for purpose made trusses, to meet specific aesthetic appearance demands as specified by an architect, or that might require special load demands. Such trusses will require an engineered design prior to manufacture.

We also make use of customised profiled sprocket ends, to add a prestigious look to your roof.  (A custom profiled sprocket end is a profile cut piece of timber, which is attached to the overhang of your roof, which adds an aesthetically pleasing look to your home, and sets your roof apart from the rest.)

Our passion for this industry, our insight, understanding and combined experience of  the timber roof industry, will ensure that you only receive the Best Service and Advice needed, whether you are a home owner or a developer.

We strive to ensure uncompromising standards of design, manufacturing, erecting and inspection of timber roof structures.

Fact Sheet

Our service also includes:

  1. The Drawing in of the floor area as per architectural/draughtsman input or, we will be on site, to measure all wall dimensions where no plans are available.
  2. Design your roof with the aid of our state of the art design software, provided by MiTek, a world leader in the analysis and design of complex wall, floor and roof shapes, capable of designing timber roof structures in compliance with the relevant design codes of practice.
  3. Manufacture the trusses in accordance with the design parameters and the regulations prescribed by the various South African National Standards codes.
  4. Supply the trusses to site, erect and inspect the structure in accordance with the design requirements needed to comply with the erecting and inspection procedures, as stipulated by the Institute for Timber Construction (ITC)
  5. We only use structurally graded timber as required by the SANS 10163.


Dynamic Roofs Mission

  • With our hands on approach, we make a difference in the industry.
  • This ensures  that the home owner or developer is provided with a safe, well designed, and perfectly erected roof.
  • It is no secret that standards in the building industry are compromised daily, especially on critical structures like roofs, which probably remains the most important part of the structure, as this safeguards us from the elements.
  • We distance ourselves from the culture of sub-standard workmanship, so often found in the building industry.
  • We encourage the use of engineered pre-fabricated, nail plated timber trusses versus conventional site made trusses.
  • Engineered pre-fabricated, nail plated timber trusses still remain the most cost effective, most reliable, and safest way to design roof structures.
  • The design, manufacture and erecting of pre-fabricated  trusses is well regulated and monitored by the ITC, which further enhances and improves the structural integrity and the safe use of these structures.